Did you know? Cybercrime is estimated to cost over $10.5tn/yr by 2025

Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform, with its fully secured transmission of data over global, unsecured networks, helps protect your data!

Learn about the advanced cyber security for Pub-Sub applications using Diffusion in this recorded webinar series.

You’ll also learn -

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Learn about Engaging Customers with Personalized Real-time Sportsbook Data in this recorded Webinar series where Mike Eisterer, Senior Solution Engineer, Push Technology shares a better approach for providing personalization using a proven event driven architecture, with the benefits of:

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Diffusion Combines the Concepts of Fan-out and Topic Views To Make a New and Powerful Feature: Remote Topic Views.

Diffusion has long had the ability to replicate topics from primary server to one or more secondary servers using the fan-out feature.

Fan-out is configured on the secondary server, enabling selected…

In one of our recent webinars, Adam Turnbull, Technical Pre-sales, Push Technology discussed how CDC is an efficient mechanism to achieve reliable and scalable data replication across different systems. He also:

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Sanjai Marimadaiah

Chief Product Officer at PUSH Technology. I have had diverse leadership roles at startups & Fortune 500s and excel at leading product organizations.

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