How Do Event Data Platforms Helps Airlines To Track and Deliver Current Information To Their Customers ?

Explore how the Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform connects businesses, people, and things, enabling companies to create digital products for new business services models and channels. The real time platform provides centralized, secure, and reliable data monitoring, management, and distribution among devices, systems, and applications. Diffusion helps airlines improve processes, increase operational and supply chain efficiency, and enhance their customers’ experiences — to streamline operations, drive top-line growth and profit, and reduce bottom-line cost.

The deluge of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping the future of airline operation and passenger travel.

So, it has become essential that airlines deliver a connected mobile experience to the users to stay competitive.

The major operational costs of airline equipment and fuel are constantly escalating and utilizing IoT data and analysis to trigger timely preventative maintenance and to manage the fuel supply chain helps control these costs.

How Diffusion Can Help Airlines?

The Diffusion Intelligent Event Data Platform enables organizations to create and deliver reactive applications for enhanced, personalized and engaging customer experiences. This automatically reduces supply chain management costs and improves operational efficiency and maintenance to protect precious fleet assets.

Diffusion harnesses the wealth of data in airline systems, optimizes network resources to reduce costs and streamline operations.

Download this whitepaper and learn more about Diffusion helps airlines to easily develop applications using a microservices architecture with event-driven data and decoupled front-end and back-end systems, extend middleware, ensure real-time data delivery, integrate legacy system data with web, mobile, and IoT data, and deliver data fast for event processing and analytics.

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