Learn About Advanced Pub/Sub Capabilities Of Diffusion

Attend the live webinar by Martin Cowie on the advanced Pub/Sub capabilities of Diffusion which is an intelligent event data platform for effectively distributing data. With this Webinar Session, you can explore your knowledge now on the following:

  • How Diffusion’s real-time Pub/Sub data streaming is optimized for delivery, speed, bandwidth, and infrastructure.
  • Publisher capabilities — This will help you understand the Partial Update, Update Constraints, Session Locks, etc.
  • Topic Capabilities -This will give a clear understanding of the Topic Properties, Fetch feature, etc.

Pub/Sub-The Asynchronous messaging Communication Framework

Before getting deep into Diffusion, let’s find out what is Pub/Sub! This is a type of service to service asynchronous messaging communication or framework involving Publishers and Subscribers. Here, the message is known as an event. As soon as this event or message is published to a topic it is instantly received by all the subscribers to that particular topic.

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